F&B team shows their appreciation to employees during “Celebrate Service Week”

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By Maxime de La Grange sury, Director of Food and Beverage at InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

The F&B team is showing their appreciation during ‘Celebrate Service Week’ a brand-wide initiative launched by IHG.

Food and Beverage Department heads switched roles and spent two hours, in a different department, as line employees. For example, the Executive Chef was washing plates in Stewarding and the Restaurant Manager was setting up banquet rooms with our set-up team. The department head’s new role was determined by a good old fashion “luck of the draw” from a hat.

The two hours began with an energetic line up, all managers in full uniform ready to face the challenges ahead. Some of the highlights of the event include Director of F&B, Maxime de La Grange reviving his bartender skills, cutting lemon twists and mixing drinks. “I forgot how hard and tedious it was to make the perfect lemon twist, but after a few slices, it came right back, just like riding a bike”, Maxime stated. F&B Operations Manager, Kingson Kok had a crash course in being a Barista, trying to speak and understanding the foreign “Starbucks” jargon and keep up with the rapid pace was a fun encounter not soon to be forgotten.

The feedback from the employees has been wonderful. They mainly mentioned that they had a great time and felt appreciated to see the department heads really being into the work and getting their hands dirty.

The event ended off with a staff Pizza Party in ENO our Wine, Cheese and Chocolate outlet. It was great to be able to have the pizza party in ENO as a lot of the employees do not get to see this unique outlet on a daily basis.

We just wanted to say thank you to the employees for all their hard work and to have the employees kick back and see a Manager on the front lines. Of course everyone had a blast and it serves as a reminder how to work better together and teaches us to “seek first to understand, than to be understood”. All examples of how we are trying to create Great Hotels, Guests Love here at InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile.

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